Our Mission Statement:

The Eddy School provides a unique classical and experiential educational experience that allows middle school children to test and refine the best expression of their true nature.

NOT YOUR NORMAL APRIL VACATION : The Eddy School’s Virtual Day Camp

To register, please contact Deb Webster, Director, via email no later than Wednesday, April 15 at noon EST: TheEddy2011@gmail.com.

FEES: Classes have the value of each section listed. Please pay what you can, even if that is nothing.

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What we Believe

The middle school years are a time for students to test assumptions and make mistakes. The Eddy School encourages these practices in a thoughtful way. Students make mistakes, an inherent part of the learning process, and are supported in learning from them in a safe and encouraging environment.

The Eddy School allows students the freedom to speak and be heard, fail and succeed, explore and grow in a rigorous classical and experiential curriculum. The Eddy School emphasizes: instruction according to the needs of the individual, encouragement of passions, interaction with a multi-age community, and close involvement of the parent. Students practice living happily and constructively within the structure of their external environment.

Faculty and Administration

The Eddy School is administered and primarily taught by Deb Kulik Webster, a K-8 Maine certified teacher with 25+ years of teaching experience in public, private, and home schools, who received the Education Professional of the Year Award from the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce in 2016.

She received her B.S. from M.I.T (1990) and her M.Ed. from Lesley College (1991). She maintains her Maine certification with regular professional development activities. She homeschooled her own children from birth into middle school and has been an educational consultant for 17 years.

In 2011, Deb allowed The Eddy School to begin and is now proud to offer this academically rigorous and enriching experience in service to her local community.


2 days ago

The Eddy School

Student-run smexy sunglass competition.#wedothathere @ The Eddy School ...

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The Eddy School

Beno and I love being reminded how much we love being with students.#schooldog #wedothathere @ The Eddy School ...

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The Eddy School

Sunny fun in between escape rooms. #wedothathere @ The Eddy School ...

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The Eddy School

Hard to tell if solving the escape room puzzles or playing with the chickens was more fun today. Got stumped by a second grade puzzle and then blew through a high school leveled one. #wedothathere @ The Eddy School ...

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The Eddy School

Art and Step Falls. Perfect summer programming @theeddyschool #wedothathere @ Step Falls Preserve ...

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Volunteers Welcome!

Please come share your passion with The Eddy School.

8 Bear River Road, Newry, ME 04261  |  Phone: (207) 381-7716  |  Email: TheEddy2011@gmail.com

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Classical Education Components

Monthly recitations and Poet-Teas  |  Individualized math programs  |  Reading and analyzing at least two books per month  |  Weekly writing assignments  | Chronological world history  |  Copywork in cursive  |  Art, music, and world language classes

Experiential Components

Weekly science experiments and lab reports  |  Team building at Bryant Pond 4H Camp  |  Field trips to plays, Symphonies, and musicals  |  Project based learning  |  The Rube Goldberg Challenge  |  Meridian Stories competition  |  Service Learning work with Mahoosuc Land Trust, Androscoggin River Watershed Council, and others